10th – 17th July 2011
Director Susan Milan

Richard Deakin Violin
Matthew Jones Viola
Michal Kaznowski Cello
Alexander Baillie Cello
Susan Milan Flute
David Theodore Oboe
Mark Van de Wiel Clarinet
Martin Gatt Bassoon
Jasper de Waal Horn
Andrew Ball Piano
Peter Palotai Double Bass
Ieuan Jones Harp
Resident pianists:

  • Siu Chui Li
  • Lillian Buss Pearson
  • Annabel Thwaite
  • Antony Ingham

Resident Harpsichordist: Stephen Thomson
Activities co-ordinators: Julia Crowell, Adrian Peakman
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Where outstanding young musicians explore the repertoire with world-renowned teachers and performers.



Charterhouse very much regrets that the International Music Festival 2011 has been cancelled. If you have any queries, please email enquiries@cimf.org.uk